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Sustainable Energy for All Women

Written by ENERGIA and ETC Foundation SE4All Event Recap of the Second Annual SE4All Forum – Gender and Energy Track The second annual Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) forum took place from 18-21 May 2015 in New York. This year, gender and women were significantly present on the agenda as a milestone in the Global Campaign…

Women in procurement: Why the controversy?

Written by Stephanie Jeremie Preferential access to public procurement markets is increasingly being voiced as a feasible policy option for empowering women and women-owned businesses. Unfortunately, throughout my different work experiences in procurement, I have noticed the absence of women-owned businesses in tendering processes. The reasons for this absence have been insufficiently developed and are not…

Africa’s Last Best Chance for Development: The New Issue of the African Technopolitan

Written by Jack Abebe The publication is published by an agency called The African Technopolitan and is a biannual publication dedicated to the world of science, technology and development. It informs and provokes debate on critical issues in African development. It can be found at I will now move into summarizing its contents as you…

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