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Gulf African Bank is committed to economic empowerment and inclusion of women in the financial sector.

We strive to ensure that women are empowered with the ability to determine their choices, power to control their own lives and influence change economically irrespective of their culture, background, economic background or religion.


Empowering women to achieve what matters to them most through our Annisaa Biashara solution


Equipping the women with the right skills set and knowledge to enable her to build a solid business. Gulf African Bank focuses on empowering Women through access to a host of events and sessions that will provide you with the right tools needed to grow. This is from financial, business and personal management skills.


Because we know that a simple hello could lead to many things, we want you to be where it’s happening. Come meet industry leaders, professionals, large and small businesswomen. With Annisaa, you get to tap into a world of networking with like-minded women through our organized forums and events.


We value the wellbeing of your family and we ensure this through our:

  • Health talks
  • Packaged medical care products/services


We have safe custody services that enable our Annisaa customers to deposit important documents and items for safe keeping. We protect them from hazards such as theft, natural disasters, fires etc. You will have access to private rooms, assuring you of your privacy every time you need access. Our Annisaa Auto Takaful insurance services provide women with comprehensive motor insurance cover at 4.5%

We continuously seek to customize solutions aimed at addressing the unique needs of women as individuals and powerhouse entrepreneurs.

To address the women’s need to have access to simple, relevant and transparent financial knowledge, advice and guidance, we introduced Annisaa (meaning women), a program aimed at empowering women.

We have a prestigious women only teller cubicles at select branches with dedicated staff who offer personalized service to our Annisaa customers. We were the first Bank to launch women-only branches in East Africa. Our first Annisaa Centre was opened in Eastleigh in 2012.

Let's Network

Let's Network

Networking opens doors for you. When you strike a chord and exchange information and ideas with likeminded people

Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

Through our partnership with UN Global Compact, we became a signatory of the Women’s Empowerment Principles, GAB is committed to inclusion and gender equality.

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Ask The Experts