Dr Salwa

The Diabetologist

Dr. Salwa doesn’t cut the image of your usual day to day doctor on duty. She doesn’t dangle a stethoscope around her neck. She doesn’t adorn the characteristic white doctor’s overall. Her office is spotlessly clean, spacious and feels ‘at home’ instantly – It makes her clients and visitors feel ‘at home’. Her smile also does it – it is disarming. A University of Nairobi medical school Alumni, Salwa graduated in 2008 and immediately moved to Mombasa, Kenya’s coastal city to intern at the Coast Provincial and General Hospital before moving to the Aga khan hospital for two years before starting at Avenue Healthcare.

It was while at Avenue Health that Salwa decided to branch out and specialize. To facilitate this, she joined training for doctors who were interested in Diabetes. The diabetes problem, an endocrine disorder characterized by high blood glucose levels affects a big percentage of the Kenyan population. Here, her passion for diabetes management grew overtime and gradually, she begun seeing Diabetes patients under guidance from his mentor at the hospital.

Dr. Salwa always harbored dreams of owning her own medical facility in the medium term, a dream that prompted her to pursue further studies to familiarize herself more with the diabetes problem and management of business. This would see her take up a Masters in International Management course at the University of Liverpool with a health sub-specialty before taking up another Masters in Diabetes at Cardiff University.

Own clinic

Armed with vast knowledge and experience in diabetes management and business management, Dr. Salwa knew it was time to venture out on her own. In Mombasa, she started operating a Diabetes clinic. The business training came in handy at this stage of her career and as she notes, any business person really needs critical management skills to run a successful business.
“You might be a good doctor. That, however, is just half the equation. Without good business management skills, the entrepreneurship journey can end up being a tumultuous one” she notes. “Why the interest in Diabetes? Why not other areas of specialization?”, she ponders, turning her chair to admire the green backdrop that characterizes her 3 rd floor view. It turns out that it is a cause close to her heart, and family as well. Salwa’s father is diabetic and so are a few of her relatives, especially uncles. Men, apparently are more susceptible to being diabetic compared to their female counterparts. This was a key influencing factor in her decision to specialize in the treatment and management of diabetes.
A positive attitude and the joy she gets in managing her client’s health helps her run her clinic optimally. Most doctors in Kenya and beyond consult with different hospitals aside running their own establishments. Dr. Salwa though does not ascribe to this. She gives her clinic, Diabetes Management Centre her all, around the clock. “Consistency is key” she says.

On women empowerment…

Dr. Salwa is a big proponent and champion of women empowerment, a cause she holds dear to her. She advices would be female business owners to always make sure they get the appropriate training before venturing out into any field. Business management training is significant to ensure they manage their businesses professionally. Networking, according to her is critical to building one’s business. Personal branding, she opines, need not be overemphasized as it is a vital business success ingredient.

To unwind….

“Reading always does it for me. Expanding my knowledge within my field of practice and beyond is important. I’ am also a food enthusiast so you will often find me whiling away trying out new places and cuisines. I treasure family and spending time with them is priceless.

Why choose Diabetes Management Centre?

Any person’s journey towards great health starts at DMC. Why? The centre offers a holistic approach towards the prevention and management of Diabetes. Most importantly, we focus on the prevention of the disease. We also have a fully fledged nutrition unit headed by a qualified and decorated professional since diet, diabetes prevention and management go hand in hand. Every one’s healthy tomorrow awaits at DMC!

Parting shot on Diabetes

Diabetes is real and knows no gender or age! Every person needs to keep fit. Exercise, eat healthy and go for frequent medical checkups

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