Istikbal Furniture

Experience the perfect blend of Elegance & Style!

Interior furniture styles, Patterns, Materials play an important role in styling a space, be it Living Room or Dining or even a Bedroom. Bring style to your bedroom or living room with Turkish furniture from Istikbal and get a 40% DISCOUNT when paying with GAB Visa Debit/Credit card.

Enjoy free deliveries in Nairobi and Nakuru and a further 10% discount on pre-orders.

Nairobi Sports House

15% discount

You look good, you feel good. That’s why Nairobi Sports House offers you the most amazing sporting goods, exercise equipment and footwear so that you stay fit in style. Shop at Nairobi Sports House today and get 15% off your purchase when you pay using the GAB VISA debit or credit card.

Mister Wok:

10% off on meals

If you fancy delicious soups, starters, combos and main courses, then Mister Wok is the place to be! Visit any of their outlets in Nairobi, Nanyuki or Eldoret & enjoy a 10% discount when you pay with your GAB VISA debit or credit card!

Victoria Courts

5% off furniture purchases

This is a home furniture store based in Nairobi, Kenya. It offers a unique shopping experience in welcoming showrooms, wide range of products and distinctive customer service.

City Walk

10% off on purchases

Love to walk in style? Then get your next pair of fashion-forward footwear from all City Walk branches in Nairobi. Pay for them using your GAB VISA debit or credit card and get up to 10% off all purchases so that you save more while you look your best. 

Salute iWorld

2% off on Macboook, iPads & iPhones
5% off Apple accessories
10% off non-Apple accessories

Get your iPhone and other apple products from Salute iWorld, an authorized reseller in Nairobi. You will not only be assured of authenticity but you will also get a discount when you pay using your GAB VISA debit or credit card. You’ll get 2% off on Mac books, iPads and iPhones, 5% off Apple accessories and 10% off non-Apple accessories.

Little Red

10% discount on your favourite designer clothing

Shopping for luxury brands has been made easier thanks to Little Red, the ultimate luxury clothing retailer for both men and women. Update your style by purchasing from Little Red in Nairobi today and get a 10% discount off your favorite designer item when you shop using your GAB VISA debit or credit  card.

Manix and Levi’s Stores

10% discount

Manix and Levi’s stores brings your favorite international clothing brands to you. Visit the stores in different malls around Nairobi and get 10% off your purchases when you pay using your GAB VISA debit or credit card. You get to stay stylish and save in the process!